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Top 10 towns in England where house prices are ‘on the rise’

Suruchi Sharma Diwan
By Suruchi Sharma Diwan

Despite the economic upheaval, the property market seems to be still going strong, with some areas of the country performing better than others in terms of price rise.

For the property market, the year began with uncertainties as rising interest rates and high inflation created a bumpy ride for house prices. However, the market has gradually found its footing, exhibiting signs of stability.

In May, the average house prices in the UK reached an all-time high, indicating a positive shift in the market, with some areas of the country performing better than the others in terms of price rise. Newly released data from the Land Registry, compiled by Pinerock Finance, has revealed the top ten British towns where property prices are continuing to rise.

Among these towns, Guildford, Surrey, claims the top spot, experiencing a remarkable 11.54 per cent increase in house prices. From £518,526 in February 2023, Guildford’s property prices surged to £578,450 by March 2023, reports the Express.

Securing the second position, Sevenoaks in Kent demonstrated an impressive 6.93 per cent surge in property prices. Notably, the town witnessed an impressive climb from £595,136 in February 2023 to £636,437 in March.

Taking the third spot, Cheltenham experienced a notable price surge of 5.56 per cent, witnessing an increase from £327,104 to £345,257 within a single month. Following closely in the top five were Salford and Rochdale, both situated in Greater Manchester.

Salford demonstrated a price growth of 5.16 per cent, with values rising from £194,703 to £204,763. On the other hand, Rochdale saw a price increase of 4.75 per cent, with prices climbing from £166,628 to £174,545.

When analysing house types, detached houses emerge as the top performers, exhibiting a 1.59 per cent increase in value from February to March 2023. On average, the price of a detached property has risen from £449,010 to £456,170, as indicated by the data.

In contrast, terraced houses experienced the most notable decline in prices during the corresponding period, with a decrease of -3.92 per cent. The average price of a terraced home decreased from £213,464 in February 2023 to £205,102 in March 2023.

The data also indicated a disparity between the North and the South of England with the South showing stronger resilience. The South West and South East saw property prices increase by 3.46 per cent and 2.22 per cent respectively.

Top 10 British towns where house prices are still rising:

1. Guildford, Surrey

2. Sevenoaks, Kent

3. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

4. Salford, Greater Manchester

5. Rochdale, Greater Manchester

6. Harrogate, North Yorkshire

7. Truro, Cornwall

8. Torquay, Devon

9. Swindon, Wiltshire

10. Wirral, Merseyshire

Content retrieved from: https://www.inyourarea.co.uk/news/top-10-british-towns-where-house-prices-are-still-rising-despite-property-market-dip/

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