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We Buy UK Houses is a company that specialises in purchasing and selling homes using a number of fresh methods, processes and techniques more in line with a post-Covid world.


We started in the UK in 2003 and have continually addressed the problems surrounding the inefficient and inflexible conveyancing system based upon selling property on nothing more than a promise, also known as a “gentlemen’s agreement”. Add to that the “chain system” whereby a series of gentlemen’s agreements are made over many interdependent properties, then you can understand why gentlemen are hard to find! In fact, you can expect one in three property sales (“Subject to Contract”) to never eventuate, leaving the others to start the process all over again as agents look to find a new “buyer subject to contract”.

The premise with each property transaction has been to work with motivated sellers that have fallen victim of the default system, that feel uncertain and overwhelmed by the lack of control they have the sale itself, and are open to other ways to achieve a better outcome than selling at a drastically-reduced price in exchange for a “quick sale”.

We act as an intermediary alongside sellers to help them achieve better return on sale that they would never have achieved using the quick-and-less cash method. As a result, sellers get more, buyers are willing to pay more, and we get a fair return for our time and knowledge. Everybody wins!


David Lee has introduced many different techniques into the property sector, based upon his activities when applying these methods in the early 2,000s. The systems he adapted to comply with UK standards from overseas became a necessity for many property professionals that were hit by the financial crisis in 2008, when banks suddenly stopped freely lending like before.

David has tracked and recorded his journey along the way since starting out as a property novice in 2003. Below is a photographical biography of the buyers and sellers he has worked with along the way.

Mission Statement

We Buy UK Houses helps sellers to move out of the house with a better financial outcome than the standard alternatives, and offers it to buyers that are eager to call it their home. Our mission is to create a process whereby everyone comes out in front!

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